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Art Imperium - culture portal

European Culture Portal operating since 2012, was moved to Sweden in 2020. New version of - coming soon. is kept only for archival purposes ...

Editor-in-chief – Magdalena Woźniak

Promoter, patron of the arts and a visual artist for whom painting, graphics, new media, photography and design are the most important. A member of the Svenska Fotografers Förbund, the Konstföreningen Zebra-gruppen, the Galleri Zeitgeist Community, the Association of Artists and Designers in Poland, the Association of Polish Art Creators, a supporting member of the OW ZPAP and the artistic group Young at Art. Initiator and co-organizer of the artistic project Power of Art. Member of the European Integration Club. In 2019, she was awarded a Diploma for Merit by the Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

She has more than 200 artistic projects to her credit - individual and collective exhibitions, competitions, films presenting the profiles of artists, their works, as well as reports from cultural events around the world. Curator of exhibitions, animator of cultural events and charity actions.

She has made several dozen residential and commercial interior designs and arrangements. Many of her articles about art, design and her artistic projects were published, among others in magazines such as: Villa, Rezydencje, Gentleman, Interior and Garden, Elity, Przedsię, Puls Biznesu, Pangea Magazine, The Stockholm Designer Magazine, etc.